The HFB Curriculum

25 gennaio 2016

The HFB Curriculum

The HFB Curriculum 

The HFB Master degree is based on hands-on learning.

The overall duration of the HFB Master is one academic year, with a total of 60 credits/1,500 hours divided into:

700 hours of internship
following a training scheme designed in collaboration with the host enterprise.

400 hours of independent study
for project works and study.

360 hours of lessons taught in English
(April-May / November-December 2016 and January 2017) taught by internationally renowned professors and industry-professionals, covering management models, tourism marketing, and the fundamentals HFB techniques.

40 hours of special-topic seminars in English
With HFB experts

Taught courses will be split into 3 Modules:

1. Management, Finance & Marketing 150 h (12 credits)
Hotel Management;
Food & Beverage Management;
Training & Management of Human Resources;
Communication and Public Relations.

2. Seminars & Training 125 h (10 credits)
Small-scale production of high-quality, Local Food and Biodiversity,  Enogastronomy, Mediterranean Diet and Regional Cuisine;
Wine & Liquors, Wineries and the Routes of Wines, On Farm Hospitality and Agriturism;
Anthropology, Geography and Culture-related Tourism, Cruising, Shipping, Brokerage and Charter; Training.

3. Hospitality Tourism Service Operations Analysis 125 h (10  credits)
Hospitality Tourism Service Operations Analysis; Case Studies in Hospitality; Management;  Hospitality law seminar;
Organizational Behavior in the Hospitality Industry; Strategic Management for Hospitality and Tourism;
Financial Management for the Hospitality Industry; Hospitality Enterprise Technologies;