Application form

7 dicembre 2016

Application Form


The application for participation in the competition for admission to the annual level I University Master’s Program in “Hospitality Management and Food & Beverage” must be completed online using the following procedure:

  1. register at the University Student Portal available at ( or rather to obtain an e-mail for personal access to the University of Palermo’s Student Portal. Those who already have a username and password can go directly to step b);
  2. students access the Portal by specifying the personal credentials received by e-mail (username and password) from the page, click on the button “LOGIN” and then on the “Student Portal”; i.e., from the page click on the link “ACCESS THE PORTAL”;
  3. click the item “Student Procedures” and select “New Procedure“; in the list proposed on the screen, click on “First Level Master, Second Level Master and Specialization Courses” and select “Application for participation in the competition for access to a Master or a graduate course” to start a new admissions procedure;
  4. fill out the application, following the guided instructions and print the entry fee payment slip of € 50.00 (Fifty / 00), which is non refundable, which can be paid at any entity of the Unicredit Group (with the exception of Palermo Agency 33 – Parco d’Orleans) or online, without fail by February 10th, 2017.

Payment methods for the participation fee for the competition for admission are indicated at the following link:

The request for participation in the competition for admission to the annual level I Master’s Degree in “Hospitality Management and Food & Beverage“, filled out online, is valid as self-certification pursuant to section. 2 of Law no. 15 of 01.04.1968, art. 3 of Law no. 127/97 and D.P.R. no. 445/2000.

In addition, the candidate must enclose the following documents in PDF format by uploading them:

  • self-certification of University degree with the final grade indicated, except in the case of art. 1 paragraph 3;
  • Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum in Italian and in English in the Europass format (with photo) and signed;
  • presentation letter explaining the reasons the applicant wishes to participate in the Master and work in the HORECA sector;
  • any certification attesting the level of English language proficiency;
  • copy of a valid identity document;
  • self-certification (in accordance with articles 46 and 47 of D.P.R. 445/2000) of any further qualifications that may contribute to the student’s merit score or a photocopy of the same, with an attached declaration in lieu of an affidavit attesting to their conformity to the original (pursuant to art. 19:47 D.P.R. no. 445/2000 and subsequent amendments and additions);

In the case of publications, the candidate may indicate a link where the Selection Committee can view them.

EU and Non-EU citizens with a foreign university degree must produce the declaration of value of the foreign title, with its duly accompanied degree certificate of legal translation into the Italian language, issued by the Italian diplomatic representative (Consulate) in the country where the degree was obtained.

It should also be noted that the declaration of value must be mandatorily attached to the application form.

Foreign students are also requested to provide a certificate /self-certification of adequate knowledge of the Italian language.


The participation fee cannot be refunded, except in the case of non-activation of the Master course.


Candidates, children and orphans of members of the Unified Management of Credit and Social Benefits and children and orphans of public employees that are members of the INPS Pension Fund, interested in competing for the award of grants financed by INPS, in addition to completing the application for participation in the competition following the online procedure referred to above, in the same terms set out in this notice, must send INPS, through the reserved area online, a request for the scholarship.

The deadlines for the request of the scholarship coincide with those set out in this notice, published by the University.

For criteria relative to the participation requirements, the procedures for sending and composing the applications and for details regarding the preparation of the graded list for the award of scholarships, please refer to the INPS Competition Call for participation in certified and approved “I and II level University Masters and University Courses of Higher Education ” – AY 2016/2017, which can be found at (Admissions and Competitions – Welfare, assistance and mutual aid – Educational Welfare – Master-Doctorates-Specialization Classes – Active Procedures)

Even those who have applied for an INPSs scholarship are required to pay the participation fee for admissions.